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Travelling Tech Tips

A quick browse on iTunes with the keyword travel can make you want throw your phone out the window. You’re looking for tools to make your travels easier and more enjoyable but how do you know which have functional capabilities that make the app worth the download? Here’s a few that are truly practical and supportive. Let me know what apps you’d add to this list!

LoungeBuddy (free, iTunes/Google Play)
Like most travellers, my journeys have resulted in many hours spent in and out of airports. But airports and layovers don’t bother me. If properly approached, airport transfers and stopovers can be an enjoyable experience, or at least a bearable one if you utilizing airports’ amenities to their full potential. Yes, this can be a tricky task, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the layout, but LoungeBuddy is a user-friendly and simple to access app that helps you locate the best places to relax, freshen up, or be productive. Not only does LoungeBuddy find the budget explorer a little slice of heaven, by inputting the type of credit cards you have LoungeBuddy reveals which cards grant you access into select lounges. You know, those high-end lounges that fill major airports but come with a price tag or require elite credit card status… you may be surprised what your cards have to offer! This handy app is great for those that spend a lot of time in airports or find themselves stuck in one, hopeful to make the best of their time in transit limbo. Continue reading