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When NOT in Rome

We live in a world that was sculpted by empires of the past. And no empire left behind an array of ancient wonders quite like the Romans. To this day magnificent feats of ancient engineering astound those that lay eyes on them. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Rome and experienced the sensation of wandering through the Colosseum, exploring the basilicas, and stretching my neck to appreciate the size of the domed Pantheon. The scale and skilfulness that built these ageless works of art are something to behold. Extending far beyond the boot (‘scuse the pun) of Italy, the Romans constructed numerous monuments, fortresses and ancient building projects across their vast holdings.  Outside the former capital of Rome you’ll discover must-see sites that will leave you marvelling at the legacy of this once great empire.

This two-part blog takes us through destinations with magnificent Roman sites, starting in Europe…

Northern England
Construction of Hadrian’s Wall in the province of Britannia (modern day England) initiated in AD 122, Continue reading