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Travelling Tech Tips

A quick browse on iTunes with the keyword travel can make you want throw your phone out the window. You’re looking for tools to make your travels easier and more enjoyable but how do you know which have functional capabilities that make the app worth the download? Here’s a few that are truly practical and supportive. Let me know what apps you’d add to this list!

LoungeBuddy (free, iTunes/Google Play)
Like most travellers, my journeys have resulted in many hours spent in and out of airports. But airports and layovers don’t bother me. If properly approached, airport transfers and stopovers can be an enjoyable experience, or at least a bearable one if you utilizing airports’ amenities to their full potential. Yes, this can be a tricky task, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the layout, but LoungeBuddy is a user-friendly and simple to access app that helps you locate the best places to relax, freshen up, or be productive. Not only does LoungeBuddy find the budget explorer a little slice of heaven, by inputting the type of credit cards you have LoungeBuddy reveals which cards grant you access into select lounges. You know, those high-end lounges that fill major airports but come with a price tag or require elite credit card status… you may be surprised what your cards have to offer! This handy app is great for those that spend a lot of time in airports or find themselves stuck in one, hopeful to make the best of their time in transit limbo. Continue reading


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7 reasons to visit Banff in the Winter

This year we decided to try winter camping with our new trailer. There are a handful of campgrounds open in the provincial and national parks but we’ve pretty much stuck to Banff Tunnel Mountain campground since it’s right in town so there’s restaurants and attractions. So far we have lucked out, choosing reasonably warm weekends, which has allowed us to get out during the day and enjoy the town. And we are really enjoying it! Here’s what I’ve discovered: I love being out in the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park in the summer – the camping, the hiking, the amazingly blue-green lakes, the long days of clear sunny skies, the crisp nights by the campfire, I could go on for pages… But I love the town itself in the winter! Strolling along Banff Avenue through a flurry of soft snowflakes, with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate, is much more chill (‘scuse the pun) than attacking the pavement amid the flurry of tourists and buses that fill the main street in the summer. And the smaller crowds make it easier to get in to your favourite restaurant or bar. The deep snowbanks mean donning your snow boots but, along with the frosted evergreens and glistening icicles, they give the town a romantic story-book quality and provide a great base for winter sports. And there’s nothing like sitting in the Banff Hot Springs with steam crystallizing on your eyelashes. Continue reading


Nicaragua Tips

Anyone who knows me knows that I do a lot of research before a trip. It’s not that I like to have every moment scheduled or anticipate every experience – on the contrary, the great thing about travel is to explore the unknown – but I like to know I’m armed with the right tools and knowledge to make the most of my limited time in a new destination or culture. No matter how much research one does, it is impossible to be prepared for everything and there are always a few things that you learn along the way (a good thing or travel would be much less interesting)!

We spent last week in Nicaragua. It is a beautiful country with an emerging tourism market that is ideal for eco-tourists, adventure travelers, and backpackers. Relevant and current travel information was not as abundantly available for Nicaragua as for more developed and well-travelled parts of the world and I depended heavily on bloggers and travel forums in my research. I’d like to pay it forward by sharing the top things I was glad to know, or wished I had known, before arriving. Continue reading