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Nicaragua Tips

Anyone who knows me knows that I do a lot of research before a trip. It’s not that I like to have every moment scheduled or anticipate every experience – on the contrary, the great thing about travel is to explore the unknown – but I like to know I’m armed with the right tools and knowledge to make the most of my limited time in a new destination or culture. No matter how much research one does, it is impossible to be prepared for everything and there are always a few things that you learn along the way (a good thing or travel would be much less interesting)!

We spent last week in Nicaragua. It is a beautiful country with an emerging tourism market that is ideal for eco-tourists, adventure travelers, and backpackers. Relevant and current travel information was not as abundantly available for Nicaragua as for more developed and well-travelled parts of the world and I depended heavily on bloggers and travel forums in my research. I’d like to pay it forward by sharing the top things I was glad to know, or wished I had known, before arriving. Continue reading